Lemay Plaza

Lemay Plaza RenderingStudents from Notre Dame High School and Hancock Place High School have come together to make their mark on the Lemay Community.  This group of young Lemay leaders (and their faculty mentors) approached the Port Authority with an idea.  The leaders had been working on a project together based on the concept that their schools might be on separate sides of S. Broadway, but they were bridged together in their commitment to education and community. 

The leaders approached the Port Authority and asked for assistance in developing a monument to this commitment.  The Port Authority had recently cleared the lot at 9854 S. Broadway and thought that the leaders' idea could be incorporated into a use for the property.  A design team was brought onboard and after multiple brainstorming sessions, the design for Lemay Plaza was completed.  Construction began in spring, 2013 and will be completed in the fall.