Lemay Branding and Streetscape Plan

Plaza Rendering Every great destination has a sense of identity.  Whether it's an iconic attraction or a unique family-friendly activity, a place's identity is a testament to its spirit.

St. Louis County Port Authority worked with the Lemay community and a local firm to develop the Lemay Branding and Streetscape Plan.  The Plan distinguishes Lemay as a unique area of St. Louis with opportunities for residents and visitors alike.  As part of this plan, a preliminary streetscape design was identified along with important corridors and intersections to highlight.  The greatest attention was paid to the gateways into the community: those intersections and places that let visitors know they are entering Lemay, a community with pride.

The Lemay Streetscape Plan includes pedestrian lights, road and sidewalk signs, replacement of curbs and sidewalks (where needed) as well as the addition of trees and furniture.  The implementation of this plan will not only promote Lemay's identity, but also make it a safer, more comfortable place to walk, shop, bike, eat, and spend time.

Phase I of the Lemay Streetscape Project is funded and ready for implementation.  Final design work will occur in summer and fall 2013, and construction will be in 2014.  Residents and visitors will see improvements to Lemay Ferry Road from River City Boulevard to Hoffmeister, and at the intersection of South Broadway and Ripa Avenue.  Check Back for updates.

Lemay Streetscape Plan (6MB)