About Lemay

Any time you venture into Lemay, you are likely to be offered a hand. It's the way the community developed, and it's the way things are done. A hearty handshake is how friends are greeted, business is conducted, and it's why Lemay is a real slice of American pie.

Although one of St. Louis' older communities whose initial development happened some time ago, new opportunities keep presenting themselves for Lemay. A local economy once dependent on manufacturing, today, is transitioning to services and recreational activities that fit the needs of a 21st century marketplace.

A new generation is settling in Lemay and change is afoot. As it evolves, there is no loss of attention to its celebrated heritage. Instead of demolition, residents wanted renovation, which has lead to the preservation of history, culture and an unofficial town.

Without official boundaries, Lemay is defined more by a wink and a nod than a physical address. It is a community that embraces real opportunities. Now, it is set to open the next chapter in its storied life.

On behalf of Lemay, we open our community and invite you in with the offer of a hand.

Lemay Comprehensive Plan
Lemay Market Analysis