Welcome to Lemay...

You may have noticed - there is a lot going on in Lemay! Through the unrelenting efforts of many organizations and dedicated residents, Lemay is well on its way to economic vitality. The community has seen environmental cleanup, streetscape improvements and the preservation of its rich history. It's also seen hundreds of new jobs, welcomed millions in investment and supported the growth and success of the area's small businesses.

30 Years in the Making:
Lemay's Renaissance Story.

Latest Grant Winners

The Community Reinvestment Fund endows community development projects that create new jobs and redevelopment opportunities within Lemay. Congratulations to the most recent grant recipients!

Rich History,
Bright Future

In addition to its famous cemetery, Jefferson Barracks could soon be home to a distinguished district of museums, memorials and trails. It’s only fitting for an area once the heart of the new frontier.

See the Pavilion

The Pavilion at Lemay splashes down in 2015! See how the community and aquatic center came to be, and Lemay's exciting transformation over the past 30 years.